One More Chance

The details…

  • Title: One More Chance
  • Author: Tiffany E. Taylor
  • Publisher: Painted Hearts Publishing
  • Publication date: February 23, 2022
  • Available formats: ebook, paperback
  • File size: 810 KB
  • Print length: 278 pages
  • Genre: romantic fiction
  • Trope: butch/femme, online dating, single mother
  • Themes: overcoming loss, finding love again, family, friendship

The blurb from the publisher…

Seven years after her wife’s tragic death, a still-mourning Aimée “Jake” Charron finds herself unexpectedly intrigued by a personal ad sent to her by one of her best friends. It was a femme sucker punch right to the gut, and Jake finds her inner alpha butch responding with an almost predatory desire.

After two failed relationships, Geneva Raineri doesn’t believe in fairy tales and happily-ever-afters anymore. Her neighbor posts a personal ad Gen wrote as a joke on a butch/femme romance site—and when a self-professed alpha butch named Jake responds, Gen finds herself swept up into a sensual game of cat-and-mouse that soon has a captivated Gen feeling like Jake’s prey.

Jake knows she’s already had one chance at a forever love, but lost it when her wife died. She wants Gen with a desire she’d thought was long dead—but Jake believes expecting to find another great love after you’ve already had one and lost it is a fool’s game.

Gen, however, is determined to prove to Jake that anyone lucky enough to be given another shot at happiness needs to grab it with both hands and never let it go.

As Jake and Gen navigate personal journeys that include heartbreak, self-discovery, passion, and courage, they both discover that risking everything to take one more chance on love might ultimately be their salvation.

My thoughts…

If you are one that enjoys butch/femme tropes, then this is a book that will surely appeal to you. The storytelling is solid and contains nicely developed character arcs. Each is well plotted and paced, lending to some rich dramatic tension for the storyline.

Jake fills the role as the butch, and Taylor does a nice job making the reader understand her deepest fears and darkest truths. Readers quickly sympathize with this character and want her to find the happiness she so deserves. Her journey is heartfelt, drawing a lot of emotion into the storytelling. Furthermore, her character growth is convincingly executed, resulting in a character that has impact on the story. Readers care about her and she brings meaning to the storytelling.

Gen plays the femme in this romance and readers find her to be quite lovely and charming. She’s intelligent, capable and strong-minded, and she’s a perfect match for Jake. She compliments her in subtle ways that make reading this romance engaging. Readers get caught up in their struggles and issues; they want them to succeed, to work it out and find everlasting love and peace. Fortunately, Taylor always delivers big on that, so there is no disappointment there.

Final remarks…

If butch/femme romances are your thing and you enjoy the dynamics of them, then this book will be a perfect pick for you. Taylor does a great job of capturing the nuances of this relationship and putting it to paper. Her characters are spirited and magnetic, and their journey is captivating. Overall, this is an inviting read and well-worth the purchase price!


  • Well-developed butch/femme
  • Well-developed characters
  • Nicely constructed plot
  • Nicely developed romance
  • Touching and heartfelt themes

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A little bit about the author…

Tiffany E. Taylor writes sensual lesbian romance fiction within the passionate butch-femme dynamic in a variety of genres: action/adventure, contemporary, and paranormal. She lives with her spouse and their daughter in an idyllic queer-friendly little town on Florida’s west-central coast.

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